Witnessing Resilience in Vulnerability

Healing from the inside out
Heal Together

Individual Counselling

Jenelle would be honoured to accompany you or your children (8+) by holding space so that you or your children have the ability to work and excel with minor or major traumas, anxieties and grief in a safe and professional environment. Jenelle also offers family support in conjunction with individual counselling to help you and your child excel with healthy coping skills, self-awareness, self-regulation, increased self-esteem, life satisfaction, improved overall capacity and sense of well-being.

Jenelle offers sessions both in person at her Tutt St. office, as well as virtually via Zoom. She is currently working off of a short waitlist and would be pleased to meet you or your child for a Meet & Greet session. Jenelle does not do any direct billing for extended insurance plans (though she is covered by many), She is a registered provider for First Nations Health Authority (FNHA), Medavie Bluecross, GreenShield, Blue Cross, Autism Funding BC (AFU), and Veterans Affairs Canada (VAC).

Meet & Greet Session

Are you a new client looking to book? Jenelle is currently working off a short waitlist. If you would like to book a Meet and Greet session, add your name to the waitlist and Jenelle will connect with you directly!!! The Meet and Greet will give you and Jenelle the opportunity to connect and determine if you’re a good therapeutic match!

50 Minutes – $180

Click here to join her waitlist and Jenelle will contact you at the earliest possible time. Jenelle does her admin most Friday afternoons and will get back to your inquiry then. Thank you for your patience.

Individual Sessions

Work with Jenelle one on one.
These sessions are offered virtually or in person.

50 Minutes – $200
100 Minutes
– $400

New clients: click to join the waitlist
Existing clients: click to book

Heal Together – Intrinsically Connect

Types of Therapy

Somatic Experiencing

A gentle form of therapy that is aimed at relieving and resolving the symptoms of PTSD and other mental or physical trauma-related health issues by focusing on the client’s perceived body sensations or somatic experiences.


A revolutionary therapy that helps clients ‘connect the dots’ through the brain’s natural healing process. By using bilateral stimulation, the opposite side of the brain is activated and allows deep release of emotional experiences that are “trapped” in the nervous system.

Somatic Touch

An integrated, gentle and holistic approach including touch based intervention used to heal a wide range of trauma. It does so by creating new pathways in our neurophysiology so that our nervous system resets towards safety, relaxation and healthier functioning.

Helping you connect the dots.