About Somatic Experiencing

What is Somatic Experiencing?

Somatic experiencing therapy is a type of therapy that unites the mind, body and spirit and is intended to help you heal from the inside out. This type of therapy incorporates physical techniques and mind-body exercises into the traditional talk therapy approach. It’s is often used for treating trauma & PTSD, grief, stress, anxiety and depression by releasing past trauma that may be “stuck” in the nervous system.

Somatic experiencing therapy is founded on the basis of a mind-body-emotion connection. Past traumatic or emotional experiences can create dysfunction in the nervous system which can prevent the processing of that experience. Somatic experiencing therapy helps to address this dysfunction by supporting clients in their awareness of their body and physical sensations relating to these unprocessed experiences. This awareness can help clients to work through their feelings.

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Benefits of Somatic Experiencing

  • Process & recover from trauma
  • Build awareness of the relationship between your mental health and physical body
  • Develop more supportive thinking patterns
  • Release the tension in your body
  • Build effective coping & self-soothing skills
  • Improve your confidence and increase your resiliency
  • Help you find balance

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